Marketing Strategies
Mavericks allows its clients to focus on best opportunities to increase sales and achieve a competitive advantage in the market.
The marketers are very qualified that they design ways and strategies to brand your product and target on customer demographics.

Brand Identity
Brand identity stems from an organization, i.e., Mavericks is responsible for creating a distinguished product design with unique characteristics. It is how we help you to stand unique in the market. Your one way to how you communicate with your customers and we make it clear.

Corporate Films
Corporate Films make your company a High-Value company and you get to gain more Business, brand, and collaboration.
Are you participating in a National/International Trade Expo?
Are you attending a business Meeting Internationally?
Is it your Company’s anniversary?
We have seen it all !
The only solution- Corporate films. We understand the right blend for corporate films. A film that is informative and formal at one end and tells a story about your brand, goals, and culture.

Corporate Events
We at Mavericks have a team which has more than a decade and more experience in corporate events, be it seminars, meetings, HR Meets, product briefs, product Launches, marketing events, Dealer Meets or so on. Our team lays more emphasis on Client brand Image and meeting the brand expectation in presentation. We have organised corporate events for FMCG, IT, Manufacturing and PSU.

Celebrity Management

With Our experience and contacts made within the industry, we are able to provide top quality Artist, Celebrity & Performers at the best value proposition, whilst making this a stress-free experience.

We manage Exclusive Film fraternity artist and Sports Celebrity. Our services include Sponsorships, Branding, PR, Endorsements, social media and Direct to Fan Strategies.

PR serves as the base for you to build the brand. Whether your goal is to land placements in national, regional and local consumer media or coverage in core and niche trade outlets, Mavericks PR can help.
In today’s world, you must reach your target audience directly and on an emotional level. We help you develop, coordinate, supervise, and promote speaking engagements at association and organization meetings, trade show presentations and roundtables, webinars and community events.
WhatsApp & SMS campaign
This channel helps brands reach an enormous audience, build strong relationships with customers, and increase sales. With chatbots, you can convert more leads into customers and provide 24/7 client support.